Published on 7 January 2024 at 13:21

Title: Loveless

Author: Alice Oseman 

Pages: 433

Overall Rating: 5/10

Loveless depicts a story of LGBTQ+ youth 18-year-old Georgia's as she seeks to discover the truth about herself. This is an aromantic/ asexual novel that seeks to prove that friendships are just as if not more important than romantic or sexual relationships. We also see other representations of other LGBTQ+ characters as Oseman creates an accepting atmosphere in the book. 

My main dislike with this novel is how you grow to dislike Georgia (the main character) as the book goes on and she uses her friends on the justification of her being confused about her sexuality but I feel like her abuse of her friends is never truly openly critiqued and so juxtaposes the main arguments of the book to be about celebrating friendships. We do however, see characters that display extraordinary feats of dedicated loyal friendship. For me this just wasn't enough to move past her deliberate hurting of her friends closest to her. 

The novel is Y/A fiction and should serve as a comfort to those who themselves are struggling to understand who they are as the book teaches how you should never rush life and that it is okay to not know everything about who you are and that we should be incredibly grateful for what we do know and what we do have available to us already as well as important messages to accept and love ourselves.

I found the writing style and narrative voice confusing as though the author could not decide what age the characters were. Sometimes their language and perspectives seemed to present that of an 18 - year - old university student and others they seemed as though we were reading a high school drama. Which is potentially a choice made by the author to represent the confusion and struggles that Georgia feels throughout the novel. 


Overall a mid range read- didn't love but appreciated its message and overall concept and it is still worth a read for those who find themselves enjoying the aspects of the novel I didn't.  

Written by M.