The Love Hypothesis

Published on 6 January 2024 at 21:46

Title: The Love Hypothesis 

Author: Ali Hazelwood 

Pages: 400

Overall Rating: 5/10


Ali Hazelwood's cute but steamy romance novel presents to us a pair of best friends Olive and Ahn. Olive attempts to pursuade Ahn back into the dating scene and in doing so finds herself fake dating one of the professors Adam. Adam is notoriously grumpy and a stark contrast to Olive. 

The novel is very cliché at times which did not appeal to me but I also felt a nostalgia for the clichés that brought me back to being a child watching Disney Princesses find their happy ever after. 

Hazelwood also comments accasionally on the difficulties of being a woman in STEM subjects and the fight to be taken seriously as a researcher and intellectual. 


There are some scenes that would maybe make this book inappropriate for younger people so whilst many consider this novel Y/A fiction I would classify it clearer as an age 15 and above due to the nature of their relationship and also the book deals with grief of losing a loved one to cancer which may be upsetting. 

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