Welcome to where the members of our team Molly and Priyanka speak all about books. Come join us to chat and explore the wonderful world of literature and our favourite things about it. 

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Guest Author Erin Alladin

In this episode we are joined by Editor, Children's author and garden writer Erin Alladin. We discuss what life is like as an editor (which will help guide people who may be considering editing as a career), gain an insite into the world of children's publishing, dispelling myths about how authors work with their illustrators. 

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Guest Author- Charlotte Murphy

On this Podcast episode we welcome author Charlotte Murphy as we discuss fantasy as a genre. From folklore to Forth Wing we explore the rules of the genre and the different ways that authors will subvert them in order to display a compelling tale for all. 

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Characterisation- What makes a good character?

In this episode we discuss different character archetypes and examples of these. We consider how they are effectively used and what we like to see. This is highly based on our own opinion and perspective of characters and what we think works. And yet I believe that this episode would be so helpful for authors and aspiring writers will benefit from hearing from us as readers of books. 

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Guest Author: R.S. Johnson

On this podcast episode we are joined by R.S. Johnson where we discuss the way in which impostor syndrome can impact on the creative world. We discuss the idea of social media being either a tool or a hindrance for the creative mind. 

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In this episode we reverse the roles. Lovely Priyanka is your host and I am there for the ride.  Priyanka has studied this novel and I have simply read it for my own pleasure. This is a brilliant example of the different ways that you can read and still enjoy books. 

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Book Formats

In Episode 5 of the podcast we explore the different ways in which we can consume books. For instance, we consider the pros and cons of hardbacks, paperbacks, eBooks and audiobooks as well as our personal preferences for each. 

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A Picture Of Dorian Gray

In our pilot episode we introduce ourselves and dive strait into the context of the novel which is so important to understand the novel and we recommend listening to this episode before reading the novel if you are very new to classics

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Read Review Repeat Podcast An Introduction

Me your host (Molly) and my co-host (Priyanka) who write collectively all the blogs on this page have created a podcast on Podbean by which we together explore literature in what is hopefully a fun and entertaining way. We want to make literature fun and accessible to all.

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