Book TOD

Book TOD (topics of discussion) is where we will write blogs that are separate from simply book reviews but more interested in the bigger questions we ask within literature. 

Is studying literature important?

I am someone who studies English literature at A-level and so my natural instinct whenever I am asked this question is "yes" but am I actually making an informed recommendation or am I merely presenting a bias? 

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How to annotate books

When it comes to annotating books there is a huge spectrum of what different people want to do for their books. Some people hate the thought of having an imperfect copy others want to annotate as though they're studying the text and all the ones in-between I think that it is more well known that you can kind of split the different ways to annotate into three levels. Now you can mix and match as you chose from these levels but this is a good way to find what you prefer.

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How to approach GCSE Literature

The GCSE's were arguably the most difficult exams I have ever done. It is so difficult to keep up with all the subjects you do. I left with 10 GCSE's and grades I am not ashamed of despite the shocking grade inflation of my GCSE results year. I am someone that is very passionate about literature and I think I am able to suggest ways to get the grade that you want. For some people they will want a 9. Others will be more than happy with a 4. High school is hard and just passing is an achievement in itself. As a result, I will write different suggestions based on the grade you are aiming for. As well at the end of this page you will find my top tips for a 30/30 mark essay and how to make sure you tick every box for the exam. 

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Literary Snobbery

Its a relatively well known thing that people in the reading world will think of themselves as superior to others purely on the basis that they read a certain genre. We an implication that those who read romantic novels are "less intelligent" than someone who reads Classic literature. This whole pretence is intrinsically false. 

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