Literary Snobbery

Published on 25 February 2024 at 14:12

Its a relatively well known thing that people in the reading world will think of themselves as superior to others purely on the basis that they read a certain genre. We an implication that those who read romantic novels are "less intelligent" than someone who reads Classic literature. This whole pretence is intrinsically false. 


It is understood that reading anything at all is good for strengthening your vocabulary and at the end of the day isn't it more important that individuals enjoy reading than anything else? 

It is a fact that about 58% of Americans did not read a single book last year. What a shame that is. Personally I read as many genres as there are I don't take note of what the ''intelligence" level of a book is because that is not going to engage me as a reader. So long as the story is engaging and the characters well developed I will enjoy that book. 


Yet it could also be argued that in the days of BookTok and other book social medias that the production of books has in some ways become more of a fast fashion. Where books will trend for a small time and then die out. It could be questioned then if we are headed towards a dangerous way of producing books that we get sloppy writing? 

I don't think we will. 


I really don't have any value placed on those individuals that believe themselves superior due to their "standard of reading" if anything it is a way of boasting privilege. Many don't have the means to learn to read a way of dialogue that is no longer used. Many people didn't read as a young child due to many factors. It is a privilege to get to learn pointless things like 19th century dialogue and it is rude to flaunt when many are suffering and so literary snobbery is not and should never be accepted as a norm. We should never assume a romance novel is any less carefully constructed than a dystopian social commentary. 


Because of this we will seek to try and educate as many people as possible on how to approach a classic novel to make them less of an "elitist" enjoyment, whilst also reading and enjoying all means and styles and genres of fiction in order to maybe help someone out and teach someone else a lesson of respect. 

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