We Make It Better

Published on 20 January 2024 at 18:29

Title: We Make It Better

Author: Eric Rosswood and Kathleen Archambeau

Pages: 236

Overall Rating: 8/10 


We Make It Better is an empowering book. Its informative in a way that is engaging and interesting 

We lean about the LGBTQ individuals that have made our society. From tech company CEO's to incredibly passionate dancers there will be someone in this book to inspire you.

It teaches the importance of representation in an active way. Representing individuals that find themselves unseen in mainstream media is so important and even for those who won't directly see themselves in these individuals the book is still worthy of reading as the stories of these people are so inspiring and a true presentation of how the LGBTQ community do make our world better.

The book reads really well- you won't get board reading this non-fiction book and is a great way to get into reading more non-fiction which seems to be on a lot of peoples reading lists this year. 


A very heart warming book that is really recommended you read.

Written by M.