Dear Lo

Published on 15 February 2024 at 18:06

Title: Dear Lo

Author: Brady Bove

Pages 72

Overall Rating 10/10

Brady Bove's Dear Lo is an anthology presenting the growing hope at leaving isolation and loneliness behind. Each poem is expertly crafted and tells a delicate and highly emotive story.  


Furthermore, the structure and form of the poems in the way that the poem is visually presented is highly intriguing and makes for a strong visual representation of the themes that Bove is seeking to convey for instance the idea of "ever       apart" and the space between them presenting the physical and psychological distance between individuals as the symbolic representation of loneliness and isolation which to my own personal interpretation is a inclusion of a self imposed isolation through crippling anxiety. 


I loved the transitional aspects we see halfway through the anthology as we begin to move into a sense of healing and reunited hope for life. With my personal favourite poem being spring cleaning. 


The way in which poetry is used as a form of therapeutic healing. It slowly guides one through in a comforting way. Its a very peaceful novel and is very much a slower paced read.


I have seriously enjoyed the opportunity to read this book before its release on February 15th 2024 and am excited to have Brady join us on our podcast where we can completely discuss the collection in detail.

Written by M. 

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