Published on 7 January 2024 at 03:04

Title: Murtagh 

Author: Christopher Paolini 

Pages: 688

Overall Rating: 9/10


Christopher Paolini's Murtagh is a book that is a part of The World Of Eragon and has a collection of books before it yet Murtagh works just as well as a stand alone novel. 

We explore exiled Murtagh and his dragon Thorn's adventures as they seek to uncover an underground evil that lurks in Algaësia. 

Christopher Paolini is the Guineas Work Record holder for the youngest author to have a best selling series and it shows. His characters are flawed making them more human and they even make mistakes that have real consequences that affect the plot and enrich the reader's experience. Along with expertly crafted world building this book is a must read. 

His novel explores themes of childhood, trauma, grief, love and the limitations of the mind. 

As someone who has read all the books before Murtagh I do wish we had seen more of the characters from previous books making a re-appearance though I see why this choice was made and even without the nostalgic feeling of past characters we still have the classic tone of a book from The World Of Eragon that makes it worth reading over and over again. 


This fantasy novel is perfect for younger audiences that have a high reading age but struggle to find books to read that suit them. As well as perfect for fans of The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones or even just someone who wants a new world to escape into. 

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