Published on 20 January 2024 at 15:59

Title: 1984

Author: George Orwell 

Pages: 328

Overall Rating 10/10

I didn't really know much about this novel before staring it. I knew 1984 is frequently referenced in modern day due to the topics it touches upon regarding surveillance and government control. 


This novel is a brilliant introduction to classic novels. The language isn't too inaccessible and the story is compelling and fun whilst introducing deeper political themes. We watch our main character go through such drastic change from small minuscule rebellions in the comfort and safety of his room to supposedly joining a rebellion group called the brotherhood. Though it isn't confirmed as to if the rebellion group was real at all - my personal interpretation is that it wasn't truly there but is a façade used by the party to keep wrongdoers in place furthering themes of control and manipulation on a world-wide scale.


It is a novel that deeply touches upon he meaning of being human and the psyche of what a person will do whilst under torture.


It is important to note that our main character is not by any means a true hero archetype and instead is a highly flawed imperfect character and so probably wouldn't be suitable for individuals who prefer flatter characters.


Furthermore, this novel is at times very slow paced and to some extent erratic which I personally enjoyed as I have a passion for unreliable and confusing narration but for some this may mean that you wouldn't enjoy this classic.


Overall, an amazing novel that 100% should be read by anyone aspiring to go into politics and any current politicians. Or if you want to experience a dystopian that'll make you realise how shockingly similar their lives are to ours.


Written by M.